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my nose is cold

put it in the oven


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Um, I was told there would be weird orgies?
"I have so much of you in my heart."
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"Why can’t I feel anything from anyone other than you?"

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"I hope my absence haunts you."
— (Six Word Story)

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"You don’t know how deeply you are intertwined with someone until you try to walk away from them."
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"I want us to make each other better."
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When Electric Eels want to tell other eels that they are in love, they emit an electric shock with either an extremely high frequency or extremely low frequency depending on who they are speaking to.

When birds want to communicate with one another they sing back and forth to one another, duetting their feelings, their fears, their worries, their desires, their dreams, their love letters through song.

When Chimpanzees greet each other, they touch hands, somewhat like humans do when they shake hands, but more intimately - as if they were saying, “I have missed you so very much; I must remember how you feel.”

When Elephants are in love, they entwine their trunks and wish to never be parted. When Otters fall asleep, they hold hands, so that they are not separated as they drift in the water. When Giraffes are in love, they press their necks together to show affection. Horses rub noses and Whales leap out of the water and Swans entangle their necks together.

What I am saying is this: I think we have it wrong. I want to get rid of the human language. I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to tell you that I love you, that I care for you, that I desire you to be next to me - I want to touch your hands. How do you feel? Are you warm? I want to press my neck to yours until I can match your pulse. Are you nervous? I want to hold your hand, before we drift away, because we both know what this means. I want to leap out of the water and have you understand that I LOVE YOU with everything but words.

Humans have it wrong. We listen to what is said, but we forget what it means to kiss with desire and touch like we want to remember and make love like it actually exists.

Amanda Helm, The Human Language  (via amandaspoetry)

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me: halloween is coming soon
mom: it's july
me: halloween is coming soon




the ceo of abercrombie and fitch has a lot of nerve saying that ugly people shouldn’t wear his clothes when he looks like an albino orc from the lord of the rings




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I’ve been awaiting this picture.

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